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Kati from Fitness with Kati


How Fitness With Kati Began

In 2013 I plunged into my passion: helping others enjoy moving, strengthening & challenging their bodies as much as I do! I am on a mission to help others live their healthiest, happiest, fullest lives! I want people to enjoy exercising their bodies so much that the only choice is to make it a style of living!

What Our Students Say

I have trained with Kati for several years, and there are just not enough words to describe the positive impact she has had on my life. Fitness is not just an occupation for Kati – it is her passion. She has guided me along my health and fitness journey with her knowledge and expertise, and at the same time has given me a strong foundation and the confidence to work out on my own. Kati is a living example of what she brings to her clients. She has been so much more than a personal trainer to me. She genuinely cares about the whole person: mind, body, & spirit. Our sessions meant so much more to me than just lifting weights. She touched my life with her beautiful spirit and beaming smile. I look forward to continuing my journey with Kati using all of the knowledge and skills that she has and continues to share with me.

Dana Colomb

Medical Audit Coordinator, RN Specialist, California

Kati has changed my life! She has been instrumental in the development of a transformational mindset while giving me the building blocks to sculpt a stronger and more beautiful body. Her passion for wellness and health is contagious and life-changing. I will continue to work with this amazing woman long-term because I trust her in my continued development toward physical well-being.


Cheri Arbizu

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, California

I’m a mother of 3 boys with a full-time demanding career. As my boys got older and the excuse of “no time” was no longer true, I started my many hours on the elliptical. When I lost a little weight, then gained back when bored and lacked motivation. I then joined the Training Loft, that is where I met Kati. Body Work Bootcamp weight training is her specialty, and I took classes for a while but wanted more. I jumped when I heard she had an opening for personal training. Kati tailored my sessions to meet my own abilities and specific goals. Explaining healthy ways to change my diet to help with the process. She knew how to motivate me, and as I gained strength, our sessions became more challenging and so rewarding. Kati is outcome-focused, and I’ve seen and felt continual improvement within my body and mind. I walked my oldest son down the aisle feeling and looking fabulous. Killa Kati is no-nonsense and pushes me to do my best while encouraging me to be my best. I have, and will, always recommend Kati to anyone that starts out with that same story.

Audrea Bocchi

Supervising Park Ranger, California

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