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Healthy Seasonings

I have something I’ve been practicing for a long time (like 20 years): not using any shaker seasonings. It a fun game!

Rules: Shop around your produce section of your grocery store &/or visit a Farmers’ Market for the flavor you want.

Fresh herbs are the new saltshakers! 🤩

  • Taco Tuesday flavor…add diced green onion, garlic, tomato, jalapeno (as desired), bell peppers, cilantro…anything else that your heart & tastebuds desire and is found in the produce section!
  • Pizza Palooza: chop up fresh basil leaves & lay on top or blend them into a sauce. You can chop up tomato or blend it up too. Oregano from the produce section can be chopped or blended as well!
  • Lemon & Garlic Make-Ya-Holla: go ahead on & squeeze you a lemon & dice up a garlic clove or two & add you some yellow onion if you’d like!

I told you it’d be fun!

Kati with herbs

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