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Make Your Nutrition at Home

Feeling like you don’t have enough time, is exactly that…a FEELING. The reality is most of us have enough time. It is truly all about making your health; how you fuel your body, a priority. It’s time to change that mindset to: “I’d like to make preparing my meals at home a priority, because it gives me more control over my health!”

Changing it up a little changes the meal a lot! Last time you didn’t add pumpkin seeds; add them this time!

My breakfast is either oatmeal or a veggie smoothie made at home. On vacation, I search for either oatmeal or a smoothie bowl spot. For lunch, it’s always a variety of vegetables & usually a grain. My vegetables are either steamed, raw, toasted or roasted! 🥕🥦🌶️🌽

Those meals have everything that my body needs for my life … and I know that it’s consistency that creates the best results. I base my dinner off what I had for lunch, and what kind of activities I plan to have my body do the next day. If I had raw/cold plate for lunch, I tend to do the steamed/warm plate for dinner. Unless, of course, that raw/cold one was so delish that I want a repeat! 😋

If I have over a 10 mile run planned for the next morning, I need to be sure I’m getting enough fuel to support that.

Keep it simple & healthy with whole food ingredients. It makes life easier. “Can I pull this from a tree or from the ground?”; are two questions you want the answer to be “YES” for every meal.

Please note that Impossible & Beyond Meats are not winning in the nutrition & health category. A healthy, nutritious & delicious veggie burger features: brown rice, black beans, quinoa, beets, and fresh herbs and spices. They fall apart easily. It’s messy when eating, but so worth the struggle!!!

Kati in the kitchen

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